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Actor Karthik Joined In National Party
Wednesday , March 01 , 2006
M Karthik, popular hero of many Tamil films and son of late Muthuraman, announced in Chennai on December 14, 2005, his decision to enter politics. He will either join the All India Forward Bloc or float his own outfit. The final decision would be taken in four or five days.
Karthik said he had never thought of joining politics until recently. Recently, he had formed a voluntary organisation, Sharanalayam. During its meetings held at Rajapalayam and Madurai, people from many parties wanted him to take up politics. He had been in two minds for some time.
In the last few months, he was more and more inclined to take up politics to serve the people, he said. There were some members belonging to the Thevar community who wanted him to unite various Forward Bloc (FB) parties which had got divided for various reasons. There was an offer from the All India Forward Bloc (AIFB) that he should join the party and take up a post like its general secretaryship in Tamil Nadu and help unite various FB sections, he said.
However, there was yet no formal communication from AIFB leader Biswas on the post to be assigned to him. "Although there is no pre-condition to join the AIFB, there is no point in joining it as an ordinary member. Without a vital post, I cannot set out to do what I want to," Karthik added.
He was expecting a communication from AIFB and would decide later on attending an AIFB convention being organised at Dhanbad from December 16 to 21.
However, if there was no adequate response from the AIFB, he would decide on his second option - on launching his own party in Tamil Nadu - in the next few days. "I am weighing the two options. My final decision will be knwon by Dec 21," he said.
"In any case, there is no going back on the decision to enter politics. Our party will contest next year's Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. No final decision has yet been taken on whether I will contest or not," he said, replying to a question.
He was not in favour of joining a FB party merely because it was an organisation essentially of the Thevar community. "I belong to the Thevar community and it is a fact that I derive a lot of support from the Thevars. However, I believe in serving people from all castes and communities and I will be a bridge for various communities. I feel there is nothing wrong in joining a party which had such eminent leaders like Subhas Chandra Bose and Pon Muthuramalingam," he added.
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